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The International Day of the Girl child 11/10/2021.

The international day of the girl child which was supposed to be in the 11th of October was celebrated on the 22nd of October in Yaoundé. The occasion was organized by CUSO International and three organizations were in attendance. One of the organization was Rising Hope Foundation for Change. It was a round table discussion with 3 presenters and the audience being both male and female from ages ranges from 15-25. The topics of discussion was, Digital and eradication of socio-cultural factors that affect gender-based violence and gender inequality. With the slogan, Digital generation our generation. The presenter for Rising Hope Foundation was the Second and on the Topic was Menstruation and Menstrual Hygiene for sustainable lively hood. We talked about Menstruation and the processes women go through during menstruation. We talked about Menstrual Hygiene and the various methods women are supposed to use to maintain good Hygiene,We talked about how girls and women need to be sensitized on menstruation and the Myths surrounding menstruation in this digital age. We discussed on using digitalization to educate and promote awareness and the struggle women go through because of menstruation. Women and girls were urged to speak and help the younger and growing generation combat the oppression women go through because of menstruation. Other topics discussed included,how the younger generation of females can be saved from the digital world, how social media can be used tohelp the girl child, create awareness and how their voices can in Heard in a positive way instead of all the negativity that follows women all about. Experiences were shared and important lessons were learned from each other. During the discussions we had, the organizations are ready to make a change and a reasonable difference in the society. We discussed and plan to host activities together and take part in each other’s activities. The day was well spent and ended at about 3pm.